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Lake Tulloch Boat Rental. Bass Lake Boat Rental. Offshore Boat Rental is dedicated to providing an exceptional opportunity for individuals to rent boats while camping at various lakes within a 2-hour radius. Our services cover renowned lakes such as Lake Tulloch, Bass Lake, Don Pedro Lake, Melones Lake, Camanche Lake, and many more.

We understand that water activities add an extra level of excitement to camping trips. Whether you're seeking an exhilarating adventures like skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding, or simply looking for leisurely cruising and relaxation on the water, our boat rentals cater to all preferences and age groups.

We take pride in offering the best rates in the area, and I also offer multiple-day discounts. My services are available at multiple lakes in the surrounding area, including Bass Lake, Camanche Lake, Don Pedro Lake, and Melones Lake. Take advantage of my 3-day holiday promotions for Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend, and Labor Day weekend. we also offer promotions for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Please note that my policy requires renters to be 25 or older with boating experience. Life jackets are included in all rentals and are mandatory for everyone of all ages. A $1,000 refundable security deposit will be collected upon drop-off.

We also offer VIP services, which include delivery and pickup of the boat, a full tank of gas (23 gallons), launch and loading, and any available watersports equipment such as tubes, skis, ropes, and more. I also take care of the marina launch fees, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me today at (209) 602-0500 or pay me a visit to book your boat rental and make unforgettable memories with your family. I look forward to serving you!

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If you're interested in booking a boat rental or have questions about available services, fill out the form below. Please allow 12 hours for response time. For rentals within the next 24 hours, call or text 209-602-0500.